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User:Jimbo Wales/Boston/Quiz - Wikipedia history, current events and Meta issues

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This was the first round of the quiz held at the Boston Wikipedia Meetup in 2004. See Image:Boston quiz.doc for a version in Word format.

  1. What is today’s featured article?
  2. Two people were recently elected to the Wikimedia foundation board. What are their Wikipedia usernames?
  3. The arbitration committee is having an election soon. Besides User:Raul654, name one person who is running.
  4. One featured article was so controversial, that after being put on the main page it quickly generated an edit war and had to be replaced (by Go). What article was that?
  5. A bit about the other Wikipedias: Of the large Wikipedias (10+ admins), which language Wikipedia has the highest ratio of Admins/user? Which language Wikipedia has the highest ratio of articles/native speaker? What artificial-language Wikipedia has the tlh abbreviation?
  6. Wikipedia was started to complement Nupedia, which has since shut down. In what month of what year did Nupedia shut down?
  7. Who wrote the first Wiki software?