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Over the years The Beano has had many different strips, ranging from comic strips to adventure strips to prose stories. Prose stories were the first to go, being phased out in 1955. Adventure strips were phased out in 1975, with the last one being General Jumbo. There have been unsuccessful attempts to reintroduce adventure strips with new series of Billy the Cat and Katie in 2003, 2005 and 2009. The longest-running strip in The Beano is Dennis the Menace, which has been running for seventy years. Other long-running strips include Biffo the Bear, Minnie the Minx, Roger the Dodger, The Bash Street Kids, Little Plum and Billy Whizz. As of 2015, The Beano has been home to 371 different strips (with a further seventeen strips appearing in Comic Idol competitions and not later appearing in the comic).

This list only features strips in the weekly comic and does not list strips that only appeared once. It also includes information about the Comic Idol winners, from 1995 to 2010.

Comic strips[edit]


Strip title Notes Original artist Other notable artists Start date End date
Big Eggo Was the first cover star from issue 1 on 30 July 1938 until issue 326 on 10 January 1948. Returned on 7 March 2018.

(Returned For 25 issues from issue 3925 on 10 March 2018 to issue 3950 on 1 September 2018).

Reg Carter Lew Stringer 1938




Ping the Elastic Man Hugh McNeill 1938 1940
Brave Captain Kipper

About an elderly sailor who was the 'diehard of the Seven Seas'.

Torelli Bros 1938 1939
Lord Snooty and his Pals Four series. First from issue 1 on 30 July 1938 to issue 367 on 30 July 1949.

Second from issue 440 on 23 December 1950 to issue 811 on 1 February 1958. Third from issue 904 on 14 November 1959 to issue 2565 on 14 September 1991.

Dudley Watkins Leo Baxendale, Robert Nixon, Jimmy Glen, Ken Harrison 1938 1991
Whoopee Hank Roland Davies 1938 1939
Hooky's Magic Bowler Hat Charles Gordon 1938 1940
Wee Peem Three series. First from issue 1 on 30 July 1938 to issue 89 on 6 April 1940.

Second entitled Wee Peem's Magic Pills ran from issue 486 on 10 November 1951 to issue 507 on 5 April 1952.

Third series with the title changed to just Wee Peem ran from issue 714 on 24 March 1956 to issue 765 on 16 March 1957.

James Jewell Charles Griggs, Hugh Morren 1938 1957
Little Dead Eye Dick Three series. First from issue 1 on 30 July 1938 to issue 20 on 10 December 1938. Second from issue 362 on 28 May 1949 to 368 on 6 August 1949.

The third and final appeared between issue 375 on 24 September 1949 and issue 410 on 27 May 1950.

Charles Holt 1938 1950
Hairy Dan Basil Blackaller 1938 1946
Contrary Mary Comic strip about a stubborn mule.

The strip's main character reappeared as one of Lord Snooty's Pals in 1950.

Roland Davies 1938 1940
Smiler the Sweeper Steve Perkins 1938 1938
Helpful Henry Eric Roberts 1938 1939
Big Fat Joe The strip's main character reappeared as one of Lord Snooty's Pals in 1950. Allan Morley 1938 1939
Rip Van Wink

About a man who had slept for 700 years and his reaction to the modern (1930s) world. Name references the short story Rip Van Winkle.

Two series the first of which ran for ten years from issue 1 on 30 July 1938 to issue 336 on 29 May 1948. And the second lasted from issue 857 on 20 December 1958 to issue 866 on 21 February 1959.

Eric Roberts Gordon Bell 1938 1959
Uncle Windbag Three series. First from issue 1 on 30 July 1938 to issue 20 on 10 December 1938. Second from issue 579 on 22 August 1953 to issue 596 on 19 December 1953.

Third ran from issue 744 on 20 October 1956 to issue 763 on 2 March 1957.

Charles Holt Charles Grigg, Bill Ritchie 1938 1957
Monkey Tricks Reg Carter 1938 1938
Tin Can Tommy Torelli Bros 1938 1947
Hicky the Hare Torelli Bros 1938 1939
Good King Coke Two series. First was from issue 21 on 10 December 1938 to issue 177 on 11 April 1942.

The second was from issue 256–300 in 1945-1946.

Eric Roberts 1938 1946
Frosty McNab Sam Fair 1938 1941
Pansy Potter Also appeared in Sparky.

Four series. First from issue 21 on 10 December 1938 to issue 325 on 27 December 1947.

Second titled Pansy Potter in Wonderland from issue 369 on 13 August 1949 to issue 652 on 15 January 1955.

Third series with original title appeared from issue 812 on 8 February 1958 to issue 854 on 29 November 1958.

Fourth series from issue 2474 on 16 December 1989 to issue 2640 on 20 February 1993.

Hugh McNeil Basil Blackaller, Sam Fair, James Clark, Charles Grigg, Gordon Bell, Barry Glennard 1938 1993
Boney the Brave Roland Davies 1939 1939
Puffing Billy Hugh McNeill 1939 1940
Tricky Dicky Ant Two series. First from issue 38 on 15 April 1939 to issue 62 on 30 September 1939. Second from issue 358 on 2 April 1949 to issue 374 on 17 September 1949. Torelli Bros James Clark, Allan Morley 1939 1949
The Pranks of Peanut Charles Gordon 1939 1939
Deep Down Daddy Neptune Basil Blackaller 1939 1940
Wily Willie Winkie Unknown 1939 1940
Laddie Longlegs Unknown 1939 1939
Cocky Dick Allan Morley 1939 1947
Winken and Blinken Sam Fair 1940 1941
Doubting Thomas The strip's main character reappeared as one of Lord Snooty's Pals in 1950. James Crighton 1940 1942
Cinderella and the Ugly Sisters Basil Blackaller 1940 1941
Big Heep Basil Blackaller 1940 1942
Musso the Wop

Featured the slapstick antics of Benito Mussolini.

Sam Fair 1940 1943
The Magic Lollipops

Featured a boy with lollipops that would turn into what you wanted if you licked them.

Two series. First was from issue 152 on 21 June 1941 to issue 306 on 5 April 1947 and the second was from issue 344 on 18 September 1948 to issue 475 on 25 August 1951.

Allan Morley 1941 1951
Handy Sandy Two series. First appeared between issue 175 on 14 March 1942 and issue 199 on 13 February 1943, the second between 242 on 7 October 1944 and issue 255 on 7 April 1945. Arthur Jackson 1942 1945
Little Nell and Peter Pell About a girl called Nell and her pet pelican called Peter. Allan Morley 1945 1947
Smart Alec Basil Blackaller 1945 1945
Polly Wolly Doodle and her Great Big Poodle The strip's main characters reappeared as one of Lord Snooty's Pals in 1950. George Drysdale 1946 1947
Sammy Shrinko A strip about a boy with a shrink ray. Allan Morley 1946 1948
Sticky Willie Unknown 1946 1947
Wavy Davy and his Navy Dudley Watkins 1947 1947
Alf Wit the Ancient Brit About a plucked young caveman who wore sandals exposing his toes as opposed to leather shoes. Only appeared in two issues, though lots of unused material was drawn up. Bill Holroyd 1947 1947
Freddy Flipperfeet Reg Carter 1947 1948
Maxy's Taxi

About a man called Maxy and his Taxi.

George Drysdale 1947 1951
Winnie the Witch James Clark 1948 1948
Peter Penguin Reg Carter 1948 1949
Biffo the Bear Was the second cover star from issue 327 on 24 January 1948 until issue 1677 on 7 September 1974. Three series. First from issue 327 on 24 January 1948 to issue 2310 on 25 October 1986.

Second from issue 2445 on 27 May 1989 to issue 2954 on 27 February 1999.

Dudley Watkins David Sutherland, Jimmy Glen, Sid Burgon 1948 1999 and 2013
Cocky Jock George Drysdale 1948 1949
Swanky Lanky Liz The strip's main character reappeared as one of Lord Snooty's Pals in 1950. Charles Holt 1948 1949
Smarty Smokum Allan Morley 1948 1949
Hairy Hugh and his Cockatoo Basil Blackaller 1948 1949
Have-A-Go Joe Two series. First ran from 1949 to 1951.

The second featuring the same main character but retitled "The Beano Cinema" ran in 1951.[2]

Bill Holroyd 1949 1951
Wandering Willie Bill Holroyd 1949 1949
Ding-Dong Belle Bill Holroyd 1949 1951
Danger! Len at Work Bill Holroyd 1949 1950
Sammy's Super Rubber Allan Morley 1950 1951
Dennis the Menace The third cover star from issue 1678 on 14 September 1974. David Law David Sutherland, David Parkins, Nigel Parkinson, Jimmy Hansen, Tom Paterson Barrie Appleby Nigel Parkinson 1951 Present
Skinny Flint Basil Blackaller 1951 1951
Bucktooth the Boy who Lives in a Barrel Two series. First from issue 464 on 9 June 1951 to issue 487 on 17 November 1951 and the second from issue 503 on 8 March 1952 to issue 512 on 10 May 1952. Bill Holroyd 1951 1952
Willie's Wonder Gun James Clark 1951 1952
Multy the Millionaire Richard Cox 1952 1953
Wee Davie Seven series. First from issue 513 on 17 May 1952 to issue 518 on 21 June 1952. Second from issue 568 on 6 June 1953 to issue 582 on 12 September 1953.

Third from issue 615 on 1 May 1954 to issue 616 on 8 May 1954. Fourth from issue 619 on 29 May 1954 to issue 625 on 10 July 1954. Fifth from issue 659 on 5 March 1955 to issue 667 on 30 April 1955. Sixth retitled 'Wee Davie and King Willie' ran from issue 680 on 30 July 1955 to issue 712 on 10 March 1956. Seventh series ran from issue 760 on 9 February 1957 to issue 798 on 2 November 1957 with the same title as the previous one.

Ken Hunter 1952 1957
Kat and Kanary Three series. First from issue 526 on 16 August 1952 to issue 713 on 17 March 1956. The second from issue 770 on 20 April 1957 to issue 794 on 5 October 1957.

The third from issue 819 on 29 March 1958 to issue 841 on 30 August 1958.

Charles Grigg Leo Baxendale, Albert Holroyd, Gordon Bell 1952 1958
The Nippers Richard Cox 1952 1953
Roger the Dodger Two series. First from issue 561 on 18 April 1953 to issue 928 on 30 April 1960.

The second began on issue 980 on 29 April 1961 and is still ongoing.

Ken Reid Gordon Bell, Bob McGrath, Robert Nixon, Tom Lavery, Frank MacDiarmid, Barrie Appleby, Jamie Smart 1953 Present
Big Hugh and You One of the first strips to feature the reader as a character. Bill Holroyd 1953 1953
Matt Hatter George Drysdale 1953 1955
Little Plum Four Series. First from issue 586 on 10 October 1953 to issue 2310 on 25 October 1986.

Second from issue 2436 on 25 March 1989 to issue 2470 on 18 November 1989. Third series ran from issue 3154 on 28 December 2002 to issue 3364 on 20 January 2007. The fourth series consisting of reprints of the third series ran in 2011. Fifth series began in 2013. Fifth series began in 2013.

Leo Baxendale Ron Spencer, Tom Paterson, Hunt Emerson 1953 2015
Minnie the Minx Was the fourth cover star for the Christmas issue celebrating her 60th anniversary in issue 3715 on 14 December 2013. Leo Baxendale Jim Petrie, Tom Paterson, Ken Harrison, Laura Howell, Nigel Parkinson 1953 Present
When the Bell Rings (name changed to The Bash Street Kids in issue 748 on 17 November 1956) Leo Baxendale David Sutherland 1954 Present
Jenny Penny Jimmy Thompson 1954 1955
Dick on the Draw Jimmy Thompson 1955 1955
Clumsy Claude-The Blunder Boy Bill Ritchie 1955 1955
Prince Whoopee Two series. First from issue 680 on 30 July 1955 to issue 759 on 2 February 1957.

Second from issue 799 on 9 November 1957 to issue 841 on 30 August 1958.

Charles Grigg George Drysdale 1955 1958
Scrapper Two series. A spin-off of the Lord Snooty strip starring Scrapper Smith. First from issue 680 on 30 July 1955 to issue 769 on 13 April 1957.

Second from issue 880 on 30 May 1959 to issue 890 on 8 August 1959.

George Drysdale/Albert Holroyd 1955 1959
Grandpa Two series. First from issue 680 on 30 July 1955 to issue 798 on 2 November 1957.

The second ran from issue 1522 on 18 September 1971 to issue 2200 on 15 September 1984.

Ken Reid Robert Nixon, Jimmy Glen 1955 1984
Our Ned Albert Holroyd 1956 1958
Daniel the Spaniel Ken Hunter 1956 1956
Johnny on the Hop (He brings The Beano from the Shop) George Drysdale 1956 1956
Pooch Bill Ritchie 1957 1957
Parachute Reg Albert Holroyd 1957 1957
Wizards at War Charles Grigg 1957 1957
Dippy the Diver Hugh Morren 1957 1957
Fusspot Annie Jimmy Thompson 1957 1958
Bringing up Dennis

Dennis the Menace spinoff with Dennis as a baby.

Ken Wilkins 1957 1958
Quick An' Slick Frank MacDarmiad 1957 1958
Pom-Pom (The Boy who Brightens Darkest Africa) Gordon Bell 1958 1958
Jonah Ken Reid 1958 1963
Cookie Ken Wilkins 1958 1958
Betty's Grandad Hugh Morren 1958 1958
Dashalong Dot Gordon Bell 1958 1959
Joe for Champ Hugh Morren 1959 1959
The Three Bears Five series. First in 1959.

The second ran from 1960 to 1985. The third ran from 1988 to 1995. The fourth series ran from 1999 to 2007. The fifth series consisting of reprints of the fourth series between 2010 and 2011.

Leo Baxendale Bob McGrath, Bob Dewar, David Parkins, Mike Pearse, Chris McGhie, Alan Ryan 1959 2016
Lazy Jones Hugh Morren 1960 1960
Wonder Boy Bob McGrath 1960 1961
Colonel Crackpot's Circus Malcolm Judge 1960 1963
Punch and Jimmy Two series. First ran from 1962 to 1963.

The second ran from 1963 to 1967.

Dave Jenner 1962 1967
The Country Cuzzins About a group of six children who lived in the countryside.

They were named Badger, Dicky, Dumpling, Daisy, Scarecrow and Happy. They also appeared in some of The Victor books for boys.

Hugh Morren 1963 1964
Jinx Ken Reid 1963 1964
Billy Whizz Malcolm Judge Steve Horrocks, David Parkins, Trevor Metcalfe, Vic Neill, Graeme Hall, Wayne Thompson, Nick Brennan, Wilbur Dawbarn 1964 Present
Pup Parade Four series. First from 1967 to 1988. Second ran in 2003.

The third ran from 2011 to 2012. The fourth ran from 2016 to present.

Gordon Bell Nigel Parkinson, Lew Stringer 1967 Present
The Nibblers Two series. First from 1970 to 1974.

Second from 1977 to 1984.

John Sherwood/Ron Spencer 1970 1984
The Belles of St. Lemons Gordon Bell 1971 1972
The McTickles Vic Neill 1971 1974
Says Smiffy Spin-off of The Bash Street Kids.

It featured Smiffy testing out inventions sent in by Beano readers.

Jim Petrie 1971 1972
Baby Face Finlayson Four series. First from 1972 to 1977.

Second from 1980 to 1987. Third from 1989 to 1992. Fourth from 2004 to 2005.

Ron Spencer Emilios Hatjoulis 1972 2005
Wee Ben Nevis Vic Neill 1974 1977
Richard the Lion David Gudgeon 1974 1976
Ball Boy First series from 1975 until April 2014. Second from August 2014 and is ongoing in Summer Specials. Malcolm Judge John Dallas, Dave Eastbury, Alexander Matthews 1975 Present
Tom, Dick and Sally Dave Jenner/Keith Reynolds 1975 1986
Jacky Daw with Maw and Paw About an obnoxious teenage Jackdaw and his parents' attempts to better him. David Gudgeon 1976 1978
Two Gun Tony Bill Ritchie 1977 1978
Gnasher's Tale name changed to Gnasher and Gnipper in 1986 Two series.

First from 1977 until 2009. Second from 2014 and is ongoing.

David Sutherland Barry Glennard Barrie Appleby 1977 present
The Fix-It Twins About two fraternal twins called Mo and Jo.

With an obsession for making people's dreams come true.

Title is a play on the TV show Jim'll Fix it.

Ron Spencer 1978 1980
Sweet Sue

About Sue, a sweet and inoffensive young girl who always gets the better of bullies Harriet and Mabel.

Bill Ritchie 1978 1980
Smudge John Geering Alan Ryan 1980 Early 2015
Rasher Two series. First ran from 1984 to 1995.

A second consisting of reprints of the first series ran in 2009.

David Sutherland 1984 2009
Pepper the Pony and Lucinda Ron Spencer 1984 1985
Ivy the Terrible Two series. First ran from 1985 to 2008.

The second ran from 2009 to 2011.

Robert Nixon Tony O'Donnell, Diego Jourdan, Lew Stringer 1985 2011
Simply Smiffy Originally ran from 1985 to 1987. Jerry Swaffield 1985 1987
Foo Foo's Fairy Story Originally ran in 1986 with Gnasher being missing. Dave Sutherland 1986 1986
Roger the Dodger's Dodge Clinic Robert Nixon 1986 1992
Calamity James Three series. First ran from 1986 to 2007.

A second series ran from 2009 to 2011 and a third began in 2012.

Tom Paterson Steve Bright, Les Stannage 1986 Present
Little Monkey First appeared in 1986 in the reader's request feature. Started regularly in 1987. Robert Nixon Barrie Appleby 1986 1988
Karate Sid

Title was a play on Karate Kid. About a karate loving kid who often fought with his enemies The Dans.

Later Returned as a spin-off in 2013 to celebrate 75 years of The Beano.

Steve Bright 1987 1988

And 2013

Number 13 Two series. First ran from 1987 to 1997.

The second ran from 2011 to 2012 and consisted of reprints of the first series with the title changed to 'Number 13 Beano street'. Returned in 2014 as a Funsize Funny before being promoted to a full page strip for the third Third series ended in July 2014.

Number 13 then returned for The Beano Halloween Special 2015 for one issue only.

John Geering Alan Ryan 1987 2014



The Germs & Ill Will Two series. First ran from 1987 to 2004.

A second series retitled 'Totally Gross Germs' consisting of reprints of the first series ran from 2011 to 2012.

Dave Sutherland Vic Neill 1987 2012
Gordon Gnome Eric Wilkinson 1988 1989
Danny's Nanny David Mostyn 1988 1994
Proctor Doolittle Ron Spencer 1988 1989
Fatty Fudge Jim Petrie 1989 1991
Emlyn the Gremlin Bob Dewar 1989 1990
Little Larry Tom Paterson 1989 1992
Les Pretend Two series. First ran from 1990 to 2005.

The second ran from 2008 to 2010.

John Sherwood Trevor Metcalfe 1990 2010
Lee's Fleas Bob Dewar 1990 1991
Henry Burrows Trevor Metcalfe 1992 1992
Merboy Emilios Hatjoulis 1992 1992
Son of Jonah Jerry Swaffield 1992 1993
The Great Geraldoes Terry Brave 1992 1993
The Beano Birds Barry Glennard 1992 1993
Go, Granny, Go! A strip about Dennis' Grandmother. Brian Walker 1992 1998
Oscar Knight-Child Actor David Sutherland 1992 1993
The Yeti with Betty Originally ran from 1993 to 1994, but returned in 2016. Robert Nixon Hugh Raine 1993 Present
The Numskulls Originally featured in The Beezer comic from 1962 to 1990. Tom Paterson Barry Glennard, Nigel Auchterlounie 1993 Present
Vic Volcano About a boy with a literally fiery temper. Robert Nixon Trevor Metcalfe 1995 1996
The World's Worst Bob Dewar 1995 1998
What to do with a Sleeping Dad Minnie the Minx spin-off. Jim Petrie 1995 1997
Joe King Joe King, whose name was a pun on joking, wore a big red cap with a wavy bit going up, and would tell jokes sent in by Beano readers, who would originally win a Dennis the Menace cycle helmet if their joke were published. Later on came Joe's Joke Corner which would occupy a corner of the page (usually Billy Whizz and Crazy for Daisy), again featuring jokes from Beano readers, as did Anyone Got Any Jokes? from 2001, and also Joe King's Top 40 Joke Box.

On The Beano Club pages for a while in 2002 there was "Joe's Joke Spot". He appears briefly in The Beano Christmas Special 2007 along with all The Beano stars of a few years earlier, as the story was a reprint. Due to Billy Whizz being reprinted as well, a Joke Corner appeared once in June 2008, and again in January 2009. In 2015, he returned as a Funsize Funnie by Lew Stringer.

Bob Dewar Lew Stringer 1995 2001
Tim Traveller Vic Neill Keith Reynolds 1997 2004
Crazy for Daisy Nick Brennan 1997 2008
Even Steven Steve Simpson Nigel Parkinson 1998 2000
Beaginnings, later Bea the Mini-Menace Nigel Parkinson 1998 2008
Mr Ape Serialisation of a Dick King-Smith story. John Eastwood 1998 1998
Dean's Dino John Geering 1999 1999
Dog's Breakfast TV Steven Baskerville 1999 1999
Splodge Ken Harrison 2000 2001
Come to Beanotown John Rushby 2000 2002
Dasher Gary Whitlock 2001 2001
Freddie Fear Son of a Witch Dave Eastbury 2002 2012
Robbie Rebel Two series. First ran from 2002 to 2008.

The second ran from 2010 to 2011.

Ken Harrison 2002 2011
Hotfoot From an Agency 2002 2002
Doctor Beastly's Tales of the Slightly Unpleasant Brian Walker 2002 2002
Ricky Grainger He Laughs at Danger Tom Plant 2003 2003
Joe Jitsu

Similar to 80s strip Karate Sid.

Wayne Thompson 2004 2006
Colin the Vet The strip was about a veterinarian called Colin, who encounters all sorts of crazy animals. The title was a pun on the phrase "call in the vet". It was one of the nominees to be voted into The Beano by readers in early 2004.[3] Although Joe Jitsu won, it was only a 1% victory over Colin, so both were added to The Beano.[4]

A running gag in the strip included hidden "Celebrity Pets", which are fictional pets owned by famous people. Many of the pets' descriptions are puns on the name of the celebrity. (Such as "Ant and Dec's Ant on decks").

Duncan Scott[5] 2004 2006
Derek the Sheep Gary Northfield 2004 2009
Bash Street Kids - Singled Out Mike Pearse Tom Paterson 2004 2009
Zap Zodiac Steve Horrocks 2005 2005
Gordon Bennett Second Series. First was a Comic Idol Runner-up. Jimmy Hansen 2005 2005
The Neds Duncan Scott 2005 2007
Nicky Nutjob Kelly Dyson Nick Brennan, Wayne Thompson 2006 2007
Big Brad Wolf Ken Harrison 2006 2006
Ratz Developed by artist Hunt Emerson to replace the retired strip Little Plum, which he had worked on since 2002. The stories follow the lives of a group of rats who live in the sewers beneath Beanotown, the main characters being Keef (the nominal leader), Rod (a spiv), and Herman, their naive sidekick. Other characters, such as Patti, Rubella and RastaRat make occasional appearances. Hunt Emerson was the original artist, with Laura Howell inking in his pencils from October 2006 onwards and on occasion drawing the strip. In The Beano Annual 2008, Ratz is changed to "Its a Ratz Life!" because the usual Ratz characters were not the main focus, but instead a pair of Ratz setting up home together (on a rubbish dump), and this strip was done before the strip first appeared in the comic itself (when the strip was going to be given that title).

Laura Howell has announced that with Hunt Emerson drawing the Fred's Bed strip (which was previously reprints), she will be drawing Ratz as well as writing it.[6] In a couple of issues in September 2011, Ratz was the first strip inside the comic, a slot usually reserved for Dennis and Gnasher, although Dennis appeared on the cover as usual. Before this strip was Rats, a very similar strip about smelly rodents in a sewer, although these bunch were more friends. It was drawn by Terry Bave and Nigel Parkinson, appearing in the 1994–2003 Beezer Books and The Dandy issue 3281.

Hunt Emerson Laura Howell 2006 2013
Pirates of the Caribeano Barrie Appleby 2006 2009
Fred's Bed First series in The Beano, reprinted from Beezer and Topper. David Parkins Tom Paterson (reprints), Hunt Emerson, David Sutherland, Tom Paterson, Nigel Parkinson (all new strips) 2007 2012
The Riot Squad Reprints from Hoot. Ken Harrison 2007 2008
Tales of Johnny Bean from Happy Bunny Green Laura Howell 2007 2010
London B412 Barrie Appleby 2007 2008
Olaff the Madlander Reprints from The Beezer and Topper. Sid Burgon 2008 2008
Lord Snooty the Third Nigel Parkinson 2008 2011
Bea and Ivy This strip used characters from the two previously separate strips of Ivy the Terrible and Bea the Mini-Menace. Nigel Parkinson 2008 2009
Super School Lew Stringer 2008 2012
Beano Manga Laura Howell 2009 2011
Sixty Second Dennis Nigel Parkinson Tom Paterson/Barrie Appleby 2009 2011
Meebo and Zuky Laura Howell 2010 2013
The Bea Team The third series involving Dennis the Menace's younger sister. Nigel Parkinson 2010 2010
Gnasher's Bit(e) Second Series involving Gnasher as the main character. Barrie Appleby Jimmy Hansen 2011 2013
At Home with the BSK! Short lived Bash Street Kids spinoff. David Sutherland 2011 2011
Dangerous Dan The strip is about a boy who thinks he is a secret agent and believes that an organisation called SMIRK, (Secret Ministry of Intelligent Rotters Komittee) is conspiring against him.

Two Series.

First: 2011 – 2011

Second: 2015 – Present

Only in The Beano every two issues.

Nigel Parkinson 2011 Present
The Adventures of Wenlock and Mandeville Partnership for 2012 London Olympics. Nigel Parkinson 2011 2012
Bananaman First Series in The Beano (reprints) also appeared in The Dandy and The Nutty. John Geering Barrie Appleby, Tom Paterson, Steve Bright, Chris McGhie, Wayne Thompson 2012 Present
Belle's Magic Mobile Only appeared twice. Steve English 2012 2012
Beano's Got Talent Had a short run and disappeared after four weeks. Dave Mostyn 2012 2012
Big Time Charlie Ended in July 2013. Alexander Matthews 2013 2013
Tricky Dicky Previously appeared in The Topper who also appeared in The Beano a few times around the turn of the millennium as a guest star trying to be voted in. This strip follows the adventures of a new Tricky Dicky. The first series ended in July 2013, and the second started in January 2014. As of 2021, however, it seems to have been replaced by Har Har's Joke Shop. Rianne Rowlands 2013 2021
Fight My Monster Previously appeared in The BeanoMAX. Appeared in The Beano every four issues. Unknown 2013 2013
El Poco Loco Jamie Smart 2013 2013
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turkeys Parody of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Dean Rankine 2013 2013 the Conqueror Laura Howell 2013 2013
Wallace and Gromit Previously appeared in The BeanoMAX. (Previously appeared in the 2012 Christmas issue). Andy Janes 2013 2015
Mega Mega Mootants Steve Beckett 2013 2013
The Castle Rock Gary Boller 2013 2013
Pie Face Dennis the Menace spin-off featuring Pie Face. Originally featured in The Dennis the Menace and Gnasher Megazine before it was renamed to Dennis the Menace and Gnasher's Epic Magazine. Now appears in The Beano week. Diego Jourdan Emily McGorman-Bruce 2014 2015
Gwynedd's Book of Records Stephen Waller 2014 2014
Fun Kids Based on the kids radio station Fun Kids. Barrie Appleby 2014 2016
My Menace Name

later renamed to Make me A Menace

This strip doesn't feature regular characters instead readers send in their suggestions for a character. And a cartoon is created based on their idea featuring themselves as the star. Hunt Emerson 2015 present
Adventure Tim Alan Ryan 2015 2015
Dawgtective Marc Jackson [7] 2015 2015
Holly Wood Steve Beckett [8] 2015 2015
Shouty McShoutface 2016 2017
Zoo-Ella Funny animal parody of the YouTuber Zoella. Gary Northfield 2017 2017
Har Har's Joke Shop Beanotown’s joke shop and the funny family that own it. Emily McGorman-Bruce 2021 Present
JJ Based on a character featured in Dennis & Gnasher: Unleashed! Wayne Thompsom 2021 Present
Angel Face Investigates Based on a character featured in Dennis the Menace and Gnasher (2009 TV series). But now she's a detective. Angel Face was also the name of a short lived comic strip in the Dandy. George Gant 2021 Present
Rubi's Screwtop Science Based on a character featured in Dennis & Gnasher: Unleashed!. Her father is Professor Screwtop a rebooted version of character who originally appeared in Lord Snooty. Rianne Rowlands Emily McGorman-Bruce 2017 (TV)
2019 (strip)
Stevie Star About a wannabe influencer. Nick Brennan 2022 Present
Sketch Khad About a hijab wearing girl whose sketches come to life. Emily McGorman-Bruce 2022 Present
Mahira of the Match Similar to Ball Boy but with a female lead. 2022 Present

Funsize Funnies[edit]

In 2012, the Beano began printing a new section called the Funsize Funnies. This section featured short three- to four-panel comic strips. It originally featured old and existing Beano characters in these stories, but as time went on, the section began to feature celebrity parodies and wholly original characters.[citation needed]

Strip title Notes Original artist Other notable artists Start date End date
Little Plum Previously appeared as a regular comic strip which ran from 1953 to 2014. Laura Howell Hunt Emerson 2012 2015
Pup Parade Previously appeared as a regular comic strip in three separate series from 1967 to 2012. Spin off from The Bash Street Kids. Nigel Auchterlounie Steve Beckett, Lew Stringer 2012 2014
Baby Face Finlayson Previously appeared as regular comic strip in four separate series from 1972 to 2005. Alexander Matthews 2012 2013
Rasher Previously appeared as a regular strip from 1984 to 1995 before being reprinted in 2009.

In July 2013 the Funsize Funnies strip's title was changed to Watch-Hog and the strip became a parody of the TV series Watchdog. The strip was then renamed to Rasher. Spin-off of Dennis the Menace and Gnasher.

Lew Stringer 2012 2016
Simply Smiffy Previously appeared as a regular strip from 1985 to 1987. Spin off of The Bash Street Kids. Paul Palmer 2012 2016
Les Pretend Previously appeared as a regular strip from 1990 to 2007. Laura Howell Alan Ryan 2012 Present
Gnash Gnews Spin-off of Dennis the Menace and Gnasher. Barrie Appleby 2012 2013
Winston Spin off of The Bash Street Kids. Paul Palmer 2012 2013
Pansy Potter Originally appeared in the comic in a number of separate series which ran from 1938 to 1993. Nigel Parkinson Kev F Sutherland 2013 2014
Biffo the Bear Previously appeared as a regular strip from 1948 to 1999. Wayne Thompson Paul Palmer 2013 2014
Lord Snooty Previously appeared as a regular strip in three separate series from 1938 to 1991. Alexander Matthews Lew Stringer 2013 2014
Gnasher and Gnipper Spin-off of Dennis the Menace and Gnasher. Graham Howie 2013 2013
BSK CCTV Spin off of The Bash Street Kids. Paul Palmer 2013 2014
BamBeanos Wayne Thompson 2013 2013
Stunt Gran In 2014, she made appearances in Grandpa. Steve Beckett 2013 2013
Hero or Zero? Rebecca Burgess 2013 2013
Skanky Pigeon Drawn by a 13-year-old. Appears in The Beano every four issues. Zoom Rockman 2013 Present
High School Moozical Steve Beckett 2013 2013
Celebrity Believe It or Not Philip Neill 2013 2013
Neigh-Bours Rick Eades 2013 2013
I Pity the School A reprint from The Dandy. Alexander Matthews 2013 2013
Murs Attacks Andy Fanton 2013 2013
Ashley's Banjo Paul Palmer 2013 2013
Coronation Bleat Stephen Waller 2013 2013
Jose's Back... and This Time it's Personal Wayne Thompson 2013 2013
Simon's Bowel Dean Rankine 2013 2013
Guess Who? Garry Davies 2013 2013
Danny Diddly O'Donoghue Alan Ryan 2013 2013
The Bone Ranger Parody of The Lone Ranger. Steve Beckett 2013 2013
The Forsyth Saga – How old is Brucie Wayne Thompson 2013 2013
Handy Murray Paul Palmer 2013 2013
Smiffy's Top Tips Paul Palmer 2013 2013
The Incredible Skunk Gary Boller 2013 2013
Fatty's Kitchen Nightmares Mike Pearse 2013 2013
Man VS. Wood Parody of Man v. Food but every episode he has a contest against something wooden. Nick Brennan 2013 2013
Jessie's J Paul Palmer 2013 2013
Not so Horrible Histories with Terry Deary 2013 2013
Penguin Club Name is a reference to Club Penguin. 2013 2013
Angel Face Based on a character featured in Dennis the Menace and Gnasher (2009 TV series). She would later have a full size strip. Deqo 2013 2013
The Great Beanotown Face Off Featuring Dennis the Menace and Walter. Deqo 2013 2013
The Fresh Prince of Buckingham Palace Strip featuring Prince George of Cambridge and his parents. Andy Fanton 2013 2013
Doctor Flu Lew Stringer 2014 2014
Grandpa Previously appeared as a full page strip from 1955 to 1984. Steve Beckett 2014 2014
Karate Sid Previously appeared as a full-page strip. Paul Palmer 2014 2014
Animals Crossing Stu Munro 2014 2014
Ninja Nuns Andy Fanton 2013 2014
Celebs on a Sledge Lew Stringer 2013 2014
Breaking Dad Stu Munro 2013 2014
Gnipper 2013 2014
Bottom Gear Parody of Top Gear. 2013 2014
Rubbish Robots Lew Stringer 2013 2014
Rooney Tunes Alan Ryan (comics) 2013 2014
Pun Direction Stu Munro 2014 2014
Constable Caveman Andy Fanton 2014 2014
Bea Previously appeared as a full-page strip. Spin-off of Dennis the Menace and Gnasher. Nigel Parkinson 2014 2015
Tom, Dick and Sally Previously appeared as a full-page strip. Steve Beckett 2014 2014
Emlyn the Gremlin Previously appeared as a full-page strip. Andy Fanton 2014 2015
Lenny the Lettuce Marc Jackson 2014 2014
Robin Rebel One-off by a competition winner. Robin Fitzgerald 2014 2014
Kick-Ass Koalas Previously appeared in The BeanoMAX. Pete Player 2014 2014
Ivy the Terrible Previously appeared as a full page strip. Lew Stringer 2014 2014
No Direction Alan Ryan (comics) 2014 2015
Beanotown Zoo Barry Glennard 2014 2015
Sleepy Ed Paul Palmer 2015 2015
Chewie Suarez Won a competition against two other strips. Alan Ryan 2015 2015
Joe King Originally appeared in 1995. Lew Stringer 2015 2015
Robopop Parody of RoboCop. Andy Fanton 2015 2015
Mr. E Gary Boller 2015 2015
The Bash Street Squelchies Spin-off of The Bash Street Kids and Calamity James. Les Stannage 2015 2015
King of The Ring Starring wrestling superstar Tommy King. The Sharp Brothers 2015 2016
Bannavengers Spin-off of Bananaman. 2015 2015
Betti and her yeti 2015 present
Jurassic play park parody of Jurassic Park. 2015 2015
Dawgtective 2015 2015
Movie Madness Parodies of movies.Replaced Robopop. 2015 2015
Pant-Man Replaced Jurassic play park. 2015 2015
Bash street behind the scenes Spin off to the Bash street kids. 2015 2015
Minedaft Spoof of Minecraft. 2015 2015
Bantersarous 2015 2015

Adventure strips[edit]

Ever since the first issue of the Beano until 1975 there have been adventure strips in the comic. However, they continued in the Annuals and attempts were made to revive them in the comic in the 2000s with three new series of Billy the Cat and the release of the Beano Action Special.[9] Some of these strips started off being adapted from earlier prose stories. The longest running Adventure strips are Tom Thumb (1938–1958), Jack Flash (1949–1958), Jimmy and his Magic Patch (1944–1959), The Iron Fish (1949–1967), Red Rory of the Eagles (1951–1962), General Jumbo (1953–1975) and Billy the Cat (1967–1974, 2003–2009). Of these seven long-running adventure strips Tom Thumb, The Iron Fish, and Red Rory began as Prose stories. During their run in the comic, there were 85 different adventure strips.

Strip title Notes Original artist Start date End date
Morgyn the Mighty Originally appeared in The Rover in 1928.

Later appeared in The Victor.

George Anderson 1938 1938
Cracker Jack Jack Glass 1938 1939
Wild Boy of the Woods Three series. First from 1938 to 1942.

Second from 1947 to 1949. Third in 1958.

Richard Baines 1938 1958
Lost Among the Silver Dwarfs James Walker 1938 1940
Young Strongarm the Axeman Three series. First from 1939 to 1940. Second in 1949.

Third from 1957 to 1958 titled just 'Strongarm the Axeman'.

Jack Glass 1939 1940
Tiger Trail to Kandabar James Walker 1940 1940
The Whistling Scythe Sequel to the prose story entitled 'Follow the Secret Hand'.

Reappeared as a prose story in 1949.

Jack Glass 1940 1942
Tom Thumb Previously appeared as a prose story.

Two separate runs of adventure strips. First ran from 1941 to 1949. The second ran from 1957 to 1958. Prose stories involving the character appeared between these two runs.

Dudley Watkins 1941 1958
Lone Wolf Dudley Watkins 1942 1943
The Shipwrecked Circus Dudley Watkins 1943 1958
Jimmy and his Magic Patch Original run from 1944 to 1950.

Reprinted from 1955 to 1959.

Dudley Watkins 1944 1959
Strang the Terrible Previously appeared in Adventure in 1936. Dudley Watkins 1944 1945
Six Brands for Bonnie Prince Charlie Dudley Watkins 1945 1945
Jack Flash First ran from 1949 to 1951.

Then from 1955 to 1958.

Dudley Watkins 1949 1958
The Invisible Giant Unrelated to older prose story with same title.

Two series. First in 1949 and a second in 1957. A prose story version also appeared from 1949 to 1950.

James Clark 1949 1957
Little Noah's Ark Previously appeared as a prose story. James Clark 1949 1949
Chingo the Fearless James Clark 1949 1949
The Horse that Jack Built Originally ran from 1949 to 1950.

Appeared again from 1950 to 1951 under the title Tick-Tock Tony. Appeared for a final time from 1954 to 1957.

Bill Holroyd 1949 1957
The Runaway Robinsons Fred Sturrock 1949 1950
Sinbad the Sailor Two separate series. First in 1950.

Second ran from 1958 to 1959. There was also a prose story involving the character that ran from 1951 to 1952.

Paddy Brennan 1950 1950
The Hungry Little Goodwins Picture adaptation of earlier prose story The Hungry Goodwins.

Features Dick Turpin as a main character.

Fred Sturrock 1951 1951
The Wily Ways of Simple Simon Previously appeared as a prose story. George Drysdale 1951 1951
The Iron Fish Previously appeared as a prose story. Bill Holroyd 1951 1967
Hawkeye Bravest of the Braves Richard Baines 1951 1951
Runaway Jack Bill Holroyd 1952 1952
Grip Richard Baines 1952 1952
Red Rory of the Eagles Previously appeared as a prose story. Paddy Brennan 1952 1962
Wildfire the Magic Horse Sequel to prose story entitled 'Prince on the Flying Horse'. Ken Hunter 1952 1952
Ali Ha Ha and the Potty Thieves Ken Hunter 1952 1952
Waifs of the Wild West Unrelated to first Waifs of the Wild West. Bill Holroyd 1952 1952
The Bird Boy Previously appeared as a prose story. Paddy Brennan 1952 1956
Nobby The Enchanted Bobby Bill Holroyd 1952 1954
Big Bazooka About an ostrich who liked to play football. Charles Grigg 1952 1953
General Jumbo Paddy Brennan 1953 1975
Get Rid of the Runaway Twins James Walker 1954 1954
Smarty Smokey Previously appeared as a prose story. James Clark 1954 1954
Hookey's Bust 'em Book Original run from 1954 to 1955.

Reappeared in 1958.

Charles Grigg 1954 1958
Longlegs the Desert Wild Boy Two series. First from 1954 to 1955.

Second from 1957 to 1959.

Paddy Brennan 1954 1959
Thunderflash About a ram in the Rockies. Ken Hunter 1955 1955
Jack of Clubs Previously appeared as a prose story. Michael Darling 1955 1955
On the Heels of the Hated Hooknose Bill Holroyd 1955 1955
Runaways with Turpin James Walker/John Nichol 1955 1956
Young Davy Crockett Paddy Brennan 1956 1956
Nik O' Lightning Michael Darling 1956 1956
The Wooden Horse Paddy Brennan 1956 1957
Tick-Tock Timothy Picture Version of earlier prose story Tick-Tock Timothy. John Nichol 1956 1957
The Vengeance of One-Eye Andy Hutton 1957 1957
Kilty Mactaggart Andy Hutton 1957 1957
Brannigan's Boy John Nichol 1957 1957
Thrill-a-Day Jill John Nichol 1957 1957
Runaways with Thunderbird John Nichol 1957 1957
Tough Duff Andy Hutton 1957 1958
Johnny Go Back! Albert Holroyd 1958 1958
Bristol Billy Victor Peon 1958 1958
Rattlesnake Ranch John Nichol 1958 1958
The Hogan Boy John Nichol 1958 1958
The Blinding Shield Victor Peon 1958 1958
Sparky's Space Helmet Albert Holroyd 1958 1959
Fox on the Run Albert Holroyd 1958 1959
Black Star John Nichol 1959 1959
The Vengeance of the Lost Crusader Victor Peon 1959 1959
Dick Turpin Special Investigator John Nichol 1959 1959
Smarty Smokey The Wee Black Dragon Unrelated to other Smarty Smokey. Victor Peon 1959 1959
The Danger Man Michael Darling 1959 1962
Bob on the Beat John Nichol 1959 1959
The Kangaroo Kid Picture strip version of The Ape's Secret. Andy Hutton 1959 1959
Mountain Boy Victor Peon 1959 1960
Pete of the Spitfires Picture story version of prose story which appeared in The Magic Comic. Michael Darling 1959 1960
Teeko Picture strip version of Little Master of the Mighty Chang. Andy Hutton 1959 1960
The Laughing Pirate Victor Peon 1960 1960
Danny on a Dolphin Three series. First in 1960.

Second in 1962 and third in 1968.

David Sutherland 1960 1968
The Queen's Highway Tery Patrick 1960 1960
The Ting-A-Ling Taylors Terry Patrick 1960 1961
The Great Flood of London David Sutherland 1960 1961
The Cannonball Crackshots David Sutherland 1961 1961
The Adventures of Johnny Leopard Michael Darling 1961 1961
Paddy's Private Army Two Series. First appeared from 1961 to 1962.

The second appeared in 1965.

James Walker 1961 1965
G for Giant Ken Hunter 1962 1962
Lester's Little Circus David Sutherland 1962 1963
The Q Bikes Andy Hutton[10] 1963 1971
The Danger Bus Terry Patrick 1963 1964
Billy the Cat Original run from 1967 to 1974.

Reappeared in 2003, 2005 and again from 2008 to 2009.

David Sutherland 1967 2009
The King Street Cowboys Sandy Calder 1968 1968
Send for the Hovertank Sandy Calder 1968 1969
Johnny Hawke

About a boy who was able to communicate with birds.

Similar to Red Rory of the Eagles.

Andy Hutton 1973 1973

Prose stories[edit]

From The Beano's first issue up until 1955, it contained prose stories. These were similar to other text stories found in older story papers and featured a prose story usually of one or two pages (they could be longer in the annuals) and often featured an illustration at the top of the page with the title of the prose story. A number of these prose stories went on to become adventure strips and some adventure strips even had prose story versions. During their lifetime in The Beano there were 79 different prose stories of which 15 also appeared as Adventure strips. These strips were Jack of Clubs, Tom Thumb, Little Noah's Ark, The Iron Fish, Red Rory of the Eagles, Sinbad the Sailor, Little Master of the Mighty Chang, The Bird Boy, The Wily Ways of Simple Simon, The Invisible Giant, The Hungry Goodwins, Tick Tock Timothy, Smarty Smokey, Prince on the Flying Horse and Follow the Secret Hand. The issue following the 75th Anniversary Special in 2013 introduced a new text story called Diary of an Ugly Kid, which disappeared later that year. In 2014 yet another appeared titled Diary of a Bash Street Kid.

Strip title Notes Original artist Start date End date
Tom Thumb Tom Thumb also appeared in Bimbo.

Two Prose series. First was from 1938 to 1941. Second was from 1949 to 1950. In between the character appeared in picture strips.

Dudley Watkins 1938 1950
Black Flash the Beaver Richard Baines 1938 1938
Granny Green Originally ran from 1938 to 1939.

Reprinted from 1945 to 1946. Returned again in 1951.

Charles Gordon 1938 1951
The Wishing Tree Originally ran from 1938 to 1939.

Reprinted in 1946.

Jack Glass 1938 1946
The Shipwrecked Kidds Jack Glass 1938 1938
My Dog Sandy Jack Glass 1938 1938
The Ape's Secret Richard Baines 1938 1938
Jimmy's Pet-The Kangaroo Richard Baines 1938 1939
The Prince on the Flying Horse Originally ran from 1938 to 1940.

Reprinted in 1947.

James Walker 1938 1947
Little Master of the Mighty Chang Jack Glass 1938 1939
The Little Magic Man George Ramsbottom 1938 1939
King of Thunder Mountain Richard Baines 1939 1939
The Singing Giant Richard Baines 1939 1939
Twelve Happy Horners George Ramsbottom 1939 1939
The Bulldog Trail Jack Glass 1939 1939
The Little Joker in the Land of Nod Originally ran from 1939 to 1940.

Partially reprinted in 1948 under the title 'Sammy B Smart in the Land of Nod'.

James Walker 1939 1948
Hands off the Talking Lamb James Walker 1939 1939
Jack Sprat's Battle Cat Ran under the title 'When will the Golden Peacock Speak?' in 1940. James walker 1939 1940
Follow the Secret Hand Originally ran as a prose story from 1939 to 1940.

Then as a picture strip with the title 'The Whistling Scythe'. A sequel story ran in 1949 entitled 'Keeper of the Magic Sword'. With another sequel appearing in 1950 entitled 'The Boy with the Wonder Horse'.

Dudley watkins 1939 1950
The Boy with the Magic Masks Originally appeared in 1940.

Reprinted in 1948.

Dudley Watkins 1940 1948
Keeper of the Crooked Cross George Ramsbottom 1940 1940
The King's got a Tail Dudley Watkins 1940 1940
Down with Lord Haw-Haw Jack Glass 1940 1940
The White Mouse will Get You Dudley Watkins 1940 1942
Little Noah's Ark Two Prose series. First ran from 1940 to 1941.

Second appeared in 1952. There was also a picture strip version in 1949.

Richard Baines 1940 1952
A Wonderful Bird is Bill Pelican Richard Baines 1940 1940
The Black Witch is Waiting George Ramsbottom 1940 1947
The March of the Wooden Soldiers Fred Sturrock 1941 1941
The Boy who bossed the Man in the Moon James Crighton 1941 1941
The Invisible Giant Jack Glass 1941 1942
Waifs of the Wild West George Ramsbottom 1941 1941
Blacksmith Bob eats Hay at Night James Crighton 1941 1941
Plucky Little Nell Originally ran from 1941 to 1942.

Reappeared in a slightly reworked form in 1952 as 'Plucky Little Nellie Kelly'.

Jack Prout 1941 1952
Nobody Wanted Nancy Jack Prout 1942 1942
Jack in the Bottle Originally ran from 1942 to 1943.

Reprinted from 1950 to 1951 under the title 'Bob in the Bottle'.

James Crighton 1942 1951
Jimmy's Mother Wouldn't Run Away Jack Gordon 1942 1943
The Goat with the Magic Wand James Crighton 1943 1943
The Girl with the Golden Voice Originally appeared in 1943.

Reprinted as 'In the Clutches of the Wicked Wilsons' from 1952 to 1953.

Jack Prout 1943 1953
Kitty with the coat of many colours James Crighton 1943 1944
King Kong Charlie Jack Gordon 1944 1944
Wun Tun Joe James Crighton 1944 1944
The Wicked Uncle and the Terrible Twins Jack Prout 1944 1945
Whitefang Guards the Secret Gold James Crighton 1944 1945
The Boy that Nobody Wanted Richard Baines 1945 1945
Tick-Tock Timothy Jack Prout 1945 1946
The Witch's Spell on Poor King Kell Jack Prout 1946 1946
Sooty Solomon Jack Prout 1946 1947
Ben O' the Beanstalk Jack Prout 1946 1947
The Runaway Russells Fred Sturrock 1947 1948
The Magic Penny Jack Prout 1947 1948
The Hungry Goodwins Featured Dick Turpin as a main character. Fred Sturrock 1948 1949
One-off Lucky Mascot Stories Fred Sturrock, Jack Gordon, Sam Fair & Jack Prout 1948 1949
The Iron Fish Later appeared in a picture strip. Jack Glass 1949 1950
Sandy's Magic Bagpipes Jack Glass 1949 1950
The Invisible Giant Unrelated to 1941 story with the same name.

Prose story adaptation of the adventure strip with the same name.

Fred Sturrock 1949 1950
Skinny Flint the Meanest Uncle in the World James Walker 1949 1949
The Ticklish Tasks of Billy Barrel George Drysdale 1950 1950
Ting-A-Ling Bell Jack Glass 1950 1950
The Wily Ways of Simple Simon George Drysdale 1950 1950
The Bird Boy Later appeared in a picture strip. Jack Glass 1950 1951
Tommy's Clockwork Town Titled 'Tommy's Clockwork Brother' in 1952. Billy Holroyd 1951 1952
Jack of Clubs Jack Glass 1951 1951
Smarty Smokey James Clark 1951 1954
Red Rory of the Eagles Later appeared in a picture strip. Jack Glass 1951 1951
Willie in the Lost World James Clark 1951 1951
Goggo The Wizard in the Goldfish Bowl David Law 1951 1952
Sinbad the Sailor Prose story version of earlier Sinbad adventure strip. Paddy Brennan 1951 1952
Rolling Jones James Clark 1952 1952
Mickey's Magic Bone In 1954 ran under the title 'Slave to the Talking Horse'. David Law 1952 1954
Young Robin Hood Jack Glass 1952 1952
TV Stevie The Boy on Hookey's Wrist George Drysdale 1952 1952
Catapult Jack Jack Glass 1952 1952
The Boy on the Flying Trapeze James Clark 1952 1953
Percy from the Pole Star James Crighton 1953 1953
Cast-Iron Stan Circus Superman Bill Holroyd 1953 1953
Nutty the Coal Imp Bill Holroyd 1953 1954
The Magic Bottle James Walker 1953 1953
Runaways with Grandad James Walker 1953 1953
The Spell of Geordie's Whistle James Walker 1954 1955
Ace from Space Leo Baxendale 1955 1955
Diary of an Ugly Kid Currently unknown 2013 2013
Diary of a Bash Street Kid Nigel Auchterlounie 2014 2014

Comic Idol runners-up[edit]

The following is a list of comic strips which appeared in The Beano during a Comic Idol or similar competition but did not win. Many of these strips appeared in annuals and Gordon Bennet went on to appear in The Beano a few years after coming runner-up in a Comic Idol competition. Even though these strips did not win a Comic Idol competition many of them lasted longer than a number of other Beano comic strips such as Alf Wit which only lasted two issues. Phone-a-Fiend and Space Kidette are the only two strips on this list that appeared as one-offs.

In 2014, it was called Beanotown's Got Talent.

Strip title Notes Original artist Start date End date
Minder Bird About a bird who had to look after a lively child called Terry the Terror. Terry Willers 1995 1995
Sort Out Squad Four kids, a cat and a parrot who would help people. Robert Nixon 1995 1995
Chip – The Stone Age Boy John Dallas 1995 1995
Have-A-Go Jo David Mostyn 1997 1997
Camp Cosmos About an inter-galactic holiday camp.

Also appeared in one annual.

John Geering 1997 1997
SYDD (Sneaky, Yucky, Dump Dweller) David Mostyn 1997 1997
Trash Can Alley Bob Dewar 1997 1997
Inspector Horse and Jocky About an inspector who was also a horse.

and his human sidekick and Jockey called Jocky.

Title was a play on Inspector Morse.

Terry Bave 1999 2000
Tricky Dicky About a son of a joke shop owner who had plenty tricks up his sleeve.

The strip's main character had previously appeared in The Topper. A re-creation of the strip saw a new Tricky Dicky appear in The Beano in 2013.

John Dallas 1999 2000
Gordon Bennet About a little boy who would drive his next door neighbour mad. Jim Hansen 1999 2000
Space Kidette This strip was about an alien whose spacecraft crash-landed on Earth.

Only two strips ever appeared and they were in the same issue.

Its premise was similar to the later strip Zap Zodiac.

Robert Nixon 2002 2002
Phone-a-Fiend About of a group of monsters that were hired to scare troublemakers into changing their ways.

A similar strip appeared in the 2011 Beano Annual entitled Fiends Reunited drawn by Nick Brennan.

Wayne Thompson 2002 2002
Dean's Dino The character previously appeared as a regular comic strip in 1999. Geoff Waterhouse 2004 2004
Christmas Carole About a girl who wanted it to be Christmas every day.

Previously appeared in The Beezer Book.

Keith Page 2005 2005
Hugh Dunnit About a boy detective. David Mostyn 2005 2005
Mia Starr Duncan Scott 2006 2006
Scammin' Sam Steve Horrocks 2006 2006
Uh Oh Si Co About a boy who'd go berserk at the slightest negative comment. Nigel Parkinson 2010 2010
Home Invasion About aliens who invade Earth. David Sutherland 2010 2010
Granny Theft Auto About Grannies behaving badly. Steve Beckett 2014 2014
Dangerous Dan About a boy who is a spy. Nigel Parkinson 2011 Present

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